About Us

INFINITY was launched in 2010 by a young business man with a passion for design and an entrepreneurial spirit. It has since grown to provide clients all across Indonesia with high quality creative graphic designs, and continues to evolve in its abilities and services.

Our company is driven by one thing… PASSION; a passion for design, a passion for website development and a passion for our clients and helping them grow.

We now providing our clients professional design services, such as:
– Complete Media Ads Solutions
– High Quality Commercial Printing
– Corporate Website Design

Our company wasn’t designed to be a shooting star that fades as quickly as it appeared, but a lasting establishment that our clients can depend on for years to come


“Greater Impact Enhanced Results”


“We listen to our stakeholders, collaborate and communicate ! In all projects, We bring client companies to the right audience, with the right message, in the right places.”

We hand-craft Creative
Media Ads Solutions with Solid Strategies
& Powerful Digital Technologies.


By choosing INFINITY, you’re getting more than an advertising; you’re getting a relationship-builder. We believe that things like trust, listening, and loyalty are the building blocks of every quality relationship, and we are committed to helping you make the most of every relationship you have with your customers.
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